Orders & Cancellations

We are unable to accept cancellations or changes to orders 24 hours after an order is placed, as they immediately are sent into production. samplingmadesimple.com reserves the right to cancel your order at its discretion should the order be deemed inappropriate for language, content or material.

Returns Policy

Please see our Returns Policy.

Bulk Requirements

What is a bulk code?
A bulk code is a number which identifies the formula developed by the fragrance house. This number is unique and found on all paperwork as well as on your fragrance bottle.

What is a setup fee?
This is an additional cost related to the set-up and labor needed to produce your finished product. This charge is a one-time fee for each product order placed.

How much bulk should I send?
The following amount of bulk/ solution should be sent based on your order quantity:
1,000 units = 2 kgs (kilograms)
2,000 units = 4 kgs (kilograms)
3,000 units = 5 kgs (kilograms)
4,000 units = 7 kgs (kilograms)
5,000 units = 9 kgs (kilograms)

Do the required bulk amounts listed above include a waste factor
Yes, all required bulk amounts include a 3% waste factor.

What happens if there is excess bulk after my order has been fulfilled?
All excess bulk will be destroyed. Please see FAQs for further clarification.

Where should I ship my bulk?
Please ship your fragrance solution to:
Arcade Beauty
30 Stults Road
Dayton, NJ 08810

All shipments MUST include the following documentation for receipt into warehouse. Shipments received without the requested validation will be returned and you will be sent an email notification.

  • CofA (Certfificate of Analysis)
  • SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
  • Complete INCI (Ingredient listing)
  • Bulk code


When will my order ship?
All order shipments are based upon receipt of bulk into our warehouse. You will get an email notifying you that your bulk has been received and an estimated ship date within a 2-4 week timeframe will be provided.

How will my order ship?
Due to the hazardous nature of the bulk, all orders will ship UPS GROUND.

How will my order be packaged?
Your order will ship in a standard shipper, per the specifications below:
Shipper specs: 15 3/16 (x) 11 5/8 (x) 10 3/8
Packout: 1,000 vials per shipper. (10 vials per unit pack/ 100 unit packs)

International Visitors

We truly value your interest in our website. However, please note that our Site can only ship to the U.S. at this time (Continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska). We do, however, encourage our international visitors to stay tuned for updates on our shipping practices and other Site development.

Shipping Policy

Please see our Shipping Policy.

Payment Methods

We offer our customers several convenient payment options. We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard & Discover.